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Modern Hypnosis

Modern Hypnosis | Sue RelihanAt the core of Sue’s care is hypnosis. Science has come a long way since the practice was shrouded in mystery. Modern hypnosis a professionally accepted and honored way of renewing the mind and affecting behaviors. Many scientific studies have shown the positive effects of these techniques.

How does it work? The human mind operates in two distinct modes – the conscious and subconscious. The subconscious controls all of our automatic processes, like heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, the immune system and so much more – It is always operating in the background. The subconscious is also where our thoughts and memories reside (this is key because those old thoughts and beliefs often unconsciously affect behaviors). The subconscious mind handles more than two million bits of sensory data per second! The conscious mind on the other hand processes about seven things per second.

The conscious mind is in control of the majority of our thoughts, and its only as we are able to access the vast reservoir of subconscious impulses, that we can affect behavior by pushing updated information “forward” to the conscious – rewiring the computer, as they say. With hypnotherapy you literally give your mind permission to make changes.

It’s important to remember you never lose the ability to choose, you remain in control the entire time. Sue is an experienced and caring professional who truly understands the human side of the science. She really can help.


The word meditation can mean different things to different people. It is steeped in both eastern and western religious traditions. Yet it’s merely the practice of relaxation and contemplation, leading to an inner quiet and deep self-awareness. It can be just an occasional practice, but it’s most effective when it becomes a way of life.

Sue Relihan | MeditationAll meditation has not only the benefit of bringing on relaxation, but physical benefits abound as well. Published scientific and medical evidence has proved that it can lower blood pressure and heart rate and at the same time bring about a more favorable body chemistry. Over time it can improve physical and emotional health by reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

How does it work? The subconscious is the body’s master computer operating system that controls the background systems of the mind/body. Meditation provides the ideal environment to “clear the clutter” as it slows down and eventually stops our conscious mind’s incessant activity. It promotes deep relaxation, but it also can teach the mind to be self-regulating, leading to almost effortless and significant life changes.

Sue Relihan

Partnering with Sue has been life transforming for me. She keeps me on track.

  • Sue is a Certified Hypnotic Coach (CHC)
  • Sue is a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt)
  • Sue is a Registered Psychotherapist
  • Sue is a Licensed, Certified Massage Therapist