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Radiant Empowered Woman Audio Series

I want to empower you with a radiant new outlook on your life.

Together we can change:

Your Relationships.

Your Career.

Your Creativity.

Your mind catalogs your life stories as if you have written a book. You carry these stories from your past with you everyday and they affect every aspect of your life.

What if the same story that caused regret, fear and hurt could be transformed in into an experience you draw from for wisdom and strength?


While you listen to my Radiant Empowered Woman Audio Series, we are going to uncover isolate and transform your stories.

We will start with your relationship with yourself and others.

Does it seem like you are dating the same person over and over again?
Do you have an intense desire to find someone who will give all that you have to receive and love you as much as you love them?

Something is limiting you from having the true love and relationships in your life that you desire.

In your first Radiant Empowered Woman Meditation, we will work to isolate your limiting beliefs about relationships and work toward transforming them.

Next we will work on your career.

Your past contains stories that are affecting your professional life today.
From the time you were young and were yelled at if you did not do chores or just hated them
to the time you were cheated out of something by someone who took credit for your work, your experiences became the foundation for your life.
Together we are going to change that.

Finally, we will unlock your creativity.

Perhaps you are a painter, a writer, or a singer, but you just don’t know it yet, or you have always had the feeling that there is creativity inside you, but you have never acted on it.

When you complete your Meditations, you will be empowered with a radiant new energy and confidence.

$67 Empower Yourself!

Sue Relihan

Listening to Sue’s meditations helps me clear my head and focus better.

  • Sue is a Radiant Heart Recovery Therapist
  • Sue has advanced, specialized training as a Cellular Release Therapist TM