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Metamorphosis Shares Sue’s Journey 
Through Her Invisibility to Thriving!

Sue Relihan - MetamorphosisMetamorphosis- One Woman’s Journey to Find Serenity & Empowerment is a deeply vulnerable account of Sue Relihan’s journey as she attempts to find love and success. Sue shares how she became accustomed to paying a high price for acceptance.

Sue intertwines her pursuit of professional success and her quest for love from a Native American man who could not openly acknowledge his love for her to his closest friends and family. When she and Michael were alone their relationship was magical, spiritual and deeply fulfilling, but ultimately it represented her invisibility and her willingness to pay for love.

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In the same way at the height of her career, Sue was considered a national expert on law enforcement policy, but she never completely fit in, spending most of her career hiding behind a façade she created for her own protection.

When Sue got sick in 2009, all of her worlds collided and she could no longer live life in the same way. It was time to decide if she wanted to wither inside her cocoon or choose to begin to live and thrive.

Metamorphosis shows how you can find love and success – at any age! 

Now Available For only $3.99!


Sue Relihan | Mind Elevation ExpertMy Message to You

Hello. I’m Sue Relihan. You have the potential to reach your highest destination, but there are times along your journey you need an ally. I am here to help you navigate those challenges.

Sometimes you have to be knocked off your feet before you can see the sky. I reached that point myself a few years ago with a health emergency brought on by extreme stress. I almost died because of it.

As a result of that experience I started to take action. My mind was troubled by insecurities and a bankrupt self-worth system. I studied several healing arts modalities including meditation, and hypnosis and began to apply them to my life. With the help of others, I began to experience a wonderful body, soul and mind restoration.

During my journey I’ve learned the brain is an amazing tool for processing information. Unfortunately it can almost work too well. It takes in every experience – the positive and life affirming, and the negative and damaging. Because the mind absorbs and remembers so well, the memory neurons can become imbedded with information that can negatively affect our behavior. Meet Sue Relihan | Find Serenity and EmpowermentIt’s almost impossible to achieve lasting behavior modification without changing the wiring of the memory neurons I would love to help you quickly remove outdated thought patterns from your subconscious mind. It’s as simple as taking the memory of some troubling experiences and turn them into a source of wisdom. Working together you will reassess your goals, clear limiting beliefs, rehearse new changes, and create a happier and more fulfilling life. Let’s do it!

I love how Sue treats me like a friend. She is so caring and thoughtful. I trust her completely.

Sue Relihan