When it’s time to make a big change in your career it often comes at a critical point in your life.  It can be seen as something very stressful, or be seen as an opportunity to assess your life and map out your future. As a Mind Elevation ExpertTM, I strongly suggest you use a positive mindset, but for most of us, it takes a little work to become truly positive about every aspect of our past.

Yes, a career change will be stressful, but stress does not have to be a “bad” thing.  With the right mindset, it can be the catalyst to create the best possible career opportunities for you.  If you’ve reached middle-age, it can be your chance to make sure you’re career goals match your life’s goals and values.

Did you go right into a career in our 20’s and 30’s without really knowing what you wanted in life.  Or in your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s you woke up and realized there is something inside of you that no longer feels fulfilled.  This is the perfect opportunity to engage with me in a life evaluation and find out which direction best meets your needs.

This is a great chance to evaluate whether or not you are where you truly want to be in life.  Most of us have had both positive/successful experiences and negative/unsuccessful experiences.  It’s great to learn from ALL experiences.  Past mistakes can be seen as just as valuable our successes because they are often our greatest sources of wisdom.  The bigger the mistake, the less likely it will be repeated in the future.

There is a lot of talk these days about the power of positive thinking.  I agree being positive is the best attitude, especially about the past, but usually merely thinking positive thoughts is not enough.  Moving on requires some action.

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