Does the idea of sitting in front of others and being judged by your past performance freak you out?

Will you be sitting there with sweaty palms wondering what they will ask next?

Job interviews are among the top most stressful events during your career. You have a very short amount of time to make a good impression. Your shaking knees, quivering voice and sweaty brow do not create an air of confidence.

Have you ever considered doing a meditation to help you prepare?

Recent studies show that meditation can help keep you calm, and it can improve your focus and memory – these are all good things to be happening when you’re in the interview hot seat.

A recent study at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), found that doing mindful meditation helps to regulate a crucial brain wave called the alpha rhythm. Stimulating this particular brain rhythm is thought to “turn down the volume” on your stress. It does not take doing mindfulness meditation for very long before the benefits are noticed.

Does wondering about the ever-changing job interview etiquette keep you awake at night? Do you spend more time worrying about whether you’re wearing the right tie or set of earrings than you do about the company’s history.

Job interviews can be intimidating, are you prepared? Do you know the basics? Do you know which mistakes to avoid?

Have you put so much emphasis on highlighting your experience that you’ve overlooked a few important interview principles? Many executives think because you’ve sat on the other side of the interview table for decades you know how to conduct yourself when it’s your turn on the hot seat.

Simple common sense mistakes are even more glaring when you’ve been a boss for years. Here are some things to make sure you know whether or not to do them:

  1. Be on time. Actually be a couple of minutes early. This sounds like a “well of course” I’ll be on time type of issue, but how many times have you gotten stuck in traffic, or polishing your shoes, or letting out the dog and time has gone into warp speed and the next thing you know you’re gripping the steering wheel, cussing a blue streak because traffic won’t move. Even if it means you stop ½ block from your destination and take some calming deep breaths so you don’t appear too anxious.
  2. Do your homework about the company. Know the history of both the company, it’s top executives and the potential position you are interviewing for, but make sure you reveal your knowledge in a way that is relevant to the questions they are asking you. Too often people rush to show how much they know and blurt out information inappropriately.
  3. Make sure you let your interviewer ask a complete question before you start formulating your answer. It’s vital to ensure what you are answering is actually the appropriate response to what you were asked. This is another good time to take a breath and allow your body to relax before you respond.
  4. Don’t interrupt your interviewer for ANY reason. Even if they have misunderstood what you were saying, give them the courtesy of finishing their statement before you jump back into the conversation. It’s crucial you don’t attempt to “talk over” your interviewer.
  5. While staying authentic, voice your enthusiasm for the opportunity. It’s not a time to crack a joke, but it is a time to let them know you are genuinely excited to become a member of their organization. Everyone wants to work with people that have a enthusiastic attitude, as long as it’s not overblown. Subtly let them know you will be fun to work with.
  6. Most importantly stay in the present moment and BE AUTHENTIC. If the company or the boss is not a good energetic fit for you, don’t pretend that it is. If you begin to feel like you have to “put on an act” during an interview, it’s a pretty good sign you will be miserable within 6 months no matter how great the benefits may appear.

Listen to this guided meditation to help you become better prepared for your next interview.